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SNS Nails in Sydney

Sydney gals, listen up. If you’re a major fan of getting your nails done, but are sick and tired of the upkeep associated with gels and acrylics, you need to get on the SNS nails bandwagon stat.

SNS, the Signature Nail System, is a relatively new kid on the nail block, and we’re here to tell you why it’s pretty much the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

Touted as the new shellac, SNS is a nail-dipping system which involves applying a brush-on gel base to the nails, and dipping them in a setting powder. This process is usually repeated a couple of times, then you can choose to have your fresh new nails painted in a colour, or opt for a natural French manicure.

If you struggle with damaged nails, or weak nail beds, SNS could be the solution for you. The SNS system works to improve and maintain your natural nails, swapping out the traditional, harsh chemicals associated with gels, acrylic and shellac for positive nail-strengthening vitamins. Think vitamins A, E, D3 and B5, plus calcium.

Additionally, the SNS system doesn’t require setting under UV lights. UV exposure has been known to cause premature skin damage, and is also linked to skin cancer. Better to be safe than sorry.

Your new SNS nails will last up to three weeks, depending on your lifestyle, and how well you look after your hands. You can pop in for a quick refill between colours.

If you’ve been itching to try nail enhancement for as long as you can remember, but have been scared of walking away with plastic, fake looking nails, SNS is natural, flexible and affords a ‘your nails but better’ look.

SNS nails are healthy, natural nails. If this sounds up your street, book an SNS nail appointment in Sydney with Bookwell today.