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Nails in Adelaide

New products, new services and growth in the female population has seen many more nail salons popping up over the past five years, throughout Australia. And it's certainly big business in Adelaide.

What used to be a simple manicure has evolved into an amazing array of nail care services, with some salons focusing purely on nail art.

Fancy a MANicure?

From traditional gel nails and acrylics to the very latest SNS - or Signature Nail System, we girls just love getting our claws out for a makeover. And we're not alone. The boys are getting in on the act, too, with MANicure taking on a whole new meaning.

Our listed nail salons in Adelaide confirm that clientele is mixed across the city. From professional working women to professional mums, conservative to alternative, the demand is ever-present and growing.

The Perfect Mani

Chipped nails and chewed cuticles are on their way out the door, in favour of the perfect mani. We love nothing more than to be pampered; maybe a luxurious hand massage, or perhaps paraffin wax and hot towels for silky soft skin.

Even if our nails are chipped and uneven, help is at hand. Thanks to new technology, it's now easy to have long, elegant nails in just a couple of hours.

We mentioned SNS - an amazing new treatment available here in Adelaide. This nail dipping technique is said to be a healthier alternative to some other treatments, as it uses no liquids or primers.

Timeless and Elegant

It's gentler on your wallet, too, as it's long-lasting, and resistant to chipping and cracking.

Another favourite in Adelaide is the classic French manicure; so elegant, so timeless, and a look that will take you from the office to the opera any time of day.

Alternatively, reveal your wild side with your own unique nail art - the latest trend in nail care and services in Adelaide.