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False Eyelashes in Adelaide

If you've never tried wearing false eyelashes you haven't lived. Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to add instant glamour to your look. Here at Bookwell, any type of special occasion warrants wearing the falsies!

Modern false eyelashes are a far cry from the early inventions that used human and animal hair, fabric, needles and goodness knows what else. Over the years falsies have been marketed as not only beauty aids but also protection against the dangers of electric light.

Book In With Bookwell

Once hard to find false eyelashes in Adelaide are now available in salons and retail stores. Whilst it may be possible to pick up good quality falsies at the shops we would recommend booking in at a Bookwell salon to get them done.

Not only are they quite fiddly to apply but you can be sure salons are using the correct glue to fix your falsies in place. A cheap set of false eyelashes from the two-dollar shop could leave you with a nasty reaction.

Perfect For Your Special Event

An increasingly popular trend in Adelaide is booking professional makeup services for your formal, engagement party, wedding or another special event. When you do you'll probably find that your makeup artist recommends the use of false eyelashes.

Of course, if you already have eyelash extensions you won't need falsies but it's a great alternative if you just want a temporary fix. It's very affordable, too.

Choosing Your False Eyelashes in Adelaide

The best false eyelashes in Adelaide come in different styles so you can create the look you love. They also come in different sizes to suit your eye shape. Strip lashes are the easiest to apply whilst some beauty professionals use individual flare lashes.

False eyelashes are also made from different materials, with the most luxurious being mink. If you're on a budget you'll still get stunning results from using silk or human hair lashes. The best advice is to book in with an eyelash specialist and experience this gorgeous look for yourself.