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Facial in Adelaide

From acne, to clogged pores, and dehydration to uneven skin tone, facials are the answer to all of your skin care woes.

Bookwell has access to some of the best skincare specialists in Adelaide, boasting an array of facialists, estheticians and dermatologists dedicated to the care of your epidermis.

Who is the best candidate for a facial?

  • With so many types of facials on the market, from brightening, to acupuncture, and even LED light therapy, basically anyone with a face can benefit from regular facials. Think of your face as your business card. First impressions count, and facials can help to maintain happy, healthy skin.

What are the benefits of regular facials?

  • Where do we start! Depending on the treatment you go for, you’ll experience a boost in hydration, radiance, increased circulation, reduced acne and scarring, anti-ageing benefits and so much more.

How often should you get a facial?

  • Most skincare professionals recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks. Why? That’s how long it takes for your skin cells to regenerate. Regular facials really are the the secret to healthy skin.

What kind of facial is best?

  • You can deduce your ideal facial by working out your individual skin type, or skin concern. Those of us with dehydrated skin will benefit from a hydrating facial. Flaky skin more your issue? Go for microdermabrasion, to exfoliate away any dead skin. Remember, it’s best to consult with a skincare professional before jumping into any new treatment. They are the experts, after all!

Does it hurt?

  • For the most part, facials are a relaxing, soothing experience, free from pain. The only time you might experience a little bit of discomfort is during an extraction facial, where your esthetician will work on squeezing out blackheads and relieving clogged pores. Nothing more than a slight pinch, though. And clean and clear pores are totally worth it.

To book a facial in Adelaide and say hello to fresh, flawless skin, check out our listings on Bookwell today.