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Did you know that barbers once performed surgery, leeching and teeth extraction? Now the only cuts they do are haircuts and cut throat shaves. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment with one of our barbers in Adelaide today. Whether you are dining on Gouger Street or hanging out in Victoria Square, you want a haircut that keeps up with your lifestyle.

Before you step into the shop, familiarize yourself with these hairdressing terms. Your barber and your hair will thank you for it:

How short?

Be specific. “A little bit off the top” is not an accurate measurement. To avoid disappointment, let your barber know exactly how much hair you want removed: e.g., “half an inch off the sides.”

If you’re a clippers man, you can use the number of guards as a reference. Don't be afraid to mix it up: “I want a 2 on the sides and a 3 on the top.” A number 2 haircut is shorter than a 3.

Taper vs. Fade

These terms are interchangeable, but your barber may prefer one over the other. A taper simply means that your hair gradually shortens in length form the top of your head to the nape of your neck. With a fade, your hair gradually fades from one length to another.

If you want your hair to be the same length all over, let your barber know.


There are three choices: blocked, rounded and tapered. A blocked neckline is a straight line, and can give the appearance of a wider neck. A rounded neckline is similar to the blocked necklines without the corners. Both these necklines can look unkempt when your hair grows out. A tapered neckline follows your natural neckline and gradually shortens. It requires less touch up.


Whether you have thick, curly or thin hair, the barber can work with the texture of your hair to make it manageable and easy to style:

Ask for choppy texture if you want more volume. Your barber will use point cutting – cutting the hair at different lengths at a 45-degree angle.

Get a razored texture if you have really curly hair. This helps your hair lay flatter against your head and reduces the natural bulk.

A layered texture will give you depth, volume and richness. This means your barber will cut your hair into varying lengths.

Thin out your hair if you have thick hair, but do not want your hair razored flat.

Pro tip: throw in a scalp massage while you are in the barber chair. Are you ready to make the cut? Book an appointment with one of our barbers in Adelaide today.