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Eyelash Tinting in Adelaide

If you were born with pale eyelashes and you're tired of constantly applying mascara, there is a very affordable alternative - eyelash tinting.

Eyelash tinting in Adelaide has been around for a long time, with many clients choosing to get their brows tinted at the same time. Fast and affordable it's always been a great solution for adding semi-permanent colour to your lashes.

Eyelash Treatments

Nowadays we have lots of choices when it comes to eyelash treatments, including lash lifts and perms and eyelash extensions. It really depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend.

When it comes to best value for money it's hard to go past eyelash tinting in Adelaide. Eyelash tinting is a fraction of the price of eyelash extensions and, whilst it doesn't add length, it certainly makes them appear longer and thicker.

Tinting vs Extensions

Eyelash tinting also lasts longer. Extensions are said to last six to eight weeks but most people find they need to go to the salon for maintenance every three to four weeks. Eyelash tinting will keep your lashes looking naturally gorgeous for up to six weeks.

People often ask if eyelash tinting in Adelaide is safe. It is when you book in with a qualified professional. Different dyes are available and there are salons that only use vegetable-based dyes. When done professionally, protective shields are used and the therapist is careful not to get the dye in your eyes.

Fast and Safe

From a safety point of view, it's no different to applying mascara every day. In fact, eyelash tinting is better as you don't need to anything except look gorgeous. There's no risk of poking yourself in the eye with the mascara wand or getting makeup in your eyes.

Imagine, no more trying to put mascara on in the morning when you're half asleep. No more smudges or mascara runs when you swim, cry or get caught in the rain. try it for yourself soon by searching for eyelash tinting in Adelaide in Bookwell.