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Eyebrow Threading in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide you're sure to have tried eyebrow threading. You're all so chic and stylish! It's definitely the way to go if you're searching for the perfect brow.

Eyebrow threading in Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular, especially with those who don't enjoy or can't tolerate waxing. Whilst waxing is very effective it is no good for anyone with thin or sensitive skin.

Natural Hair Removal

Eyebrow threading is a very natural hair removal method as it uses no chemicals. The only tool is a length of twisted cotton thread. This is rolled over the treatment area to remove the hair. It is so accurate it can be used to pluck out individual hairs.

The best eyebrow threading in Adelaide is done by trained professionals. It's a real skill to do this properly and it's definitely not something you can do yourself. Many more salons are now offering threading in Adelaide and you'll find them listed here on Bookwell.

Fast and Efficient

Facial and eyebrow threading has been used in India and Asia for a long time, for both men and women. The results tend to last longer than other methods so you can go several weeks between treatments.

It's very quick, highly efficient and practically painless, which is probably why it is becoming so popular. A soothing gel is applied to the treated area so you're unlikely to have any redness or tenderness.

The Perfect Brow

Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, from S-shaped or angled to straight or rounded. They are quite possibly our most important facial feature when it comes to expressing how we feel. The truth is, we've been obsessed with achieving the perfect brow for centuries.

What's more, our perception of the perfect brow has changed repeatedly, from pencil thin lines to the monobrow. Whatever the look and shape of your brows, eyebrow threading in Adelaide is all you need to look good.