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Hair Colouring in Adelaide

Your hair colour is part of your identity. There are so many ways to express yourself with the latest colouring trends from vibrant tones to soft pastels and gradient hues. Anything goes. Whether you love drinking in Adelaide’s laneway bars or relaxing one of the laid-back beaches, your hair colour is the perfect canvas to communicate who you are and what you love. That is why you should click through Bookwell’s hair salons in Adelaide. Make an appointment with one of our colour technicians to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Here are some of our favourite colouring techniques to get you started:

Balayage - This is perfect if you are looking for a subtle and polished look. Balayage has remained a popular hair colouring technique over the last few years, and for good reason. In this technique, the colorist will paint bleach or a lighter colour onto your hair. The result is natural-looking, sunkissed locks.

Babylights - As the name suggests, this hair colouring technique creates a fresh and subtle colour similar to the natural hair colour of small child. The hair is usually brighter at the crown and the bottom of the hair. This is a delicate process. Your colorist will apply dye to very small sections of hair, which are then separated and placed in foil so that they blend naturally to the base colour.

Colour Melting - If you want to taste the rainbow, this is the technique for you. Here, the colourist will blend the highlights seamlessly into the base colour of the hair so that you can't tell where one colour begins and another ends. They can use multiple shades, which means that it can make any colour – from the most vibrant red to shimmering turquoise – look like it happened naturally. This is your ticket to Pinterest-worthy mermaid hair.

Ombre and Sombre - This dip-dye trend is going strong. In this technique, your root colour gradually fades into a lighter colour at the end. Ask your colourists to darken your roots for a a more dramatic effect.

If you like to keep it subtle, you should try sombre – ombre’s more somber sister. Here the colourist will blend in more shades and tones: they will weave the darker hue of the root throughout the hair for a more seamless finish. The best part of both these techniques is that there is no obvious regrowth. This means less time spent in the salon, and more time spent drinking wine in the Barossa Valley.

Get ready to express yourself. Book in with one of our hair salons in Adelaide today.