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Adelaide is the wine capital of Australia, which is why we often find ourselves feeling a little tender the next day and in need of some serious TLC. Thankfully, Bookwell has a list of spa baths that can help you soak that hangover (and any other bad feeling) away.

It’s more than a luxurious way to spend the day. When you climb into the spa with its warm water and pressure jets, you enjoy the physical and mental benefits of this therapeutic treatment:

It’s good for your heart Immersing yourself in water is like giving yourself a cardiac workout. This is one exercise we can fully get behind. The water puts your pressure on your body, which increases your cardiovascular activity. Your heart works harder which helps it to stay healthy. Sign me up for the spa over the gym any day.

It alleviates aches and pains The water jets are like a total body massage. Lift your feet in the upward direction and let the pressure from the water reach every part of your body. It can dissolve your aches and pains. We love using the jets on our lower back, where we can control the pressure and the direction.

Improves circulation It gets your blood flowing. The heat from the water helps the blood vessels to dilate and flow freely throughout your body. With regular baths, you can regulate the flow of blood in your body and reduce the chance of suffering high blood pressure.

Get rid of headaches By dilating your blood vessels, spa baths can also help reduce the pressure in your head. Factor in the relaxing temperature and the enveloping warmth, and you can goodbye to that headache.

Get a good night’s sleep The heat from the water raises your body temperature and relaxes your muscles. You’ll be utterly relaxed when you exit the spa. No matter how tempting it may be, you should never fall asleep in the spa bath.

Everyday should be a spa day. Book yourself in for one of Adelaide’s most decadent bath treatments today.