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Pedicures in Adelaide

Is there anything more delicious than a professional pedicure? Perhaps it's because it feels just ever so slightly decadent. Or maybe it's because we spend so much time on our feet.

One thing's for sure, walking out of a salon with perfect tootsies is just too good to miss.

Whether you trot in for a weekly appointment, or an occasional treat, we reckon it's worth every cent. And it's not just the results - it's the entire experience.

From Express to Deluxe

Pedicures vary from salon to salon, depending on what you choose from the menu.

For example, a basic or express pedicure generally includes toenail trimming and shaping, cuticle trimming, massage with professional foot products and nail polish.

A deluxe pedicure in Adelaide might also include a rejuvenating foot soak and scrub, hard skin removal, foot and leg massage and more. For example, a popular addition is an aromatherapy paraffin wax treatment.

Boost Your Circulation

The great thing about a pedicure is that it not only makes your feet look fabulous, but it's really good for them, too. And that's probably why the ancient Egyptians were so keen on them.

A good pedicure that includes massage will boost blood circulation in your feet while removing hard skin and calluses does away with pressure points.

A regular pedicure vastly reduces your risk of ingrown toenails, blisters, corns, and many other common foot problems. It also helps keep your feet really clean, thus avoiding nasty infections.

Sooth Away Stress

In addition, largely due to the reflexology points on our feet, a pedicure is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, helping to sooth away every day stresses.

And as if that wasn't enough, there is the added bonus of all those lovely oils and potions, helping to keep your skin smooth and supple.

If you're on a bit of an economy run, why not treat yourself to a monthly pedicure, and top up in-between with home treatments? You know you're worth it.