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Manicure in Adelaide

You can achieve a perfect ten (fingers) with a manicure. Whether you are having lunch in Brighton or shopping in Hyde Park, a manicure will give your outfit that extra edge. Book yourself in with one of our nail salons in Adelaide.

Benefits of a Manicure

A good manicure is soothing. Aside from adding a touch of colour to your look, it can help clean and strengthen your nails. A regular manicure can prevent unevenness from showing, to give your nails that sleek appearance.

It can remove damage such as worn nails, fragile tips, hangnails and torn cuticles.

It will also attend to any skin problems you have around your nail such as broken skin. The creams used will improve the overall texture of your nail and skin, giving you that healthy glow.

A manicure is often accompanied with a hand massage. This can help with your circulation – the increased blood and lymph flow will improve the health of your skin.

Different types of manicure:

Let’s start with the basics: A nail technician will remove any existing nail polish you have. First, they will apply a cream to your cuticles, and soak your hands in warm water. Then, you can decide what shape and length of nails you prefer. Go for square, oval or the popular stiletto shape. This is followed by a massage.

Then, the base coat is applied followed by the polish of your choice. Finally, a top coat is applied.

French Manicure
This is an elegant, clean option. A clear, pale pink or beige polish is applied over the entire nail with a white polish along the tip.

Reverse French Manicure
This is a twist on the traditional French: the moon of the nail is painted white while the rest is done in a darker shade.

Gel Manicure
This manicure just lasts and lasts. It’s like a basic manicure but it uses a special polish that lasts days longer. It requires curing under a UV light.

Put your best foot, or rather hand forward. Make an appointment at one of our nail salons in Adelaide today.