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Foot Spa in Adelaide

When was the last time you took time out for a relaxing Foot Spa in Adelaide? Rather than making it an occasional treat, discover the benefits of enjoying this great therapy on a regular basis.

Foot spas mean different things to different people. For some, it's the soothing warm water soak and scrub. For others, it's part of a routine pedicure. However, the most beneficial element of a foot spa is probably the massage.

Benefits of Foot Spa

We've all heard about the benefits of Acupressure and Reflexology and that's just what you get when you book the best foot spa in Adelaide. The basis for this therapy is based on Ancient Chinese medicine. It is also supported by modern scientific evidence.

For many of us, our feet are the last part of the body we consider. Our lifestyles can be quite sedentary these days and this has quite a negative effect on our feet. When you think about it, our feet have a pretty tough job to do. They keep us upright and allow us to move around. They also have to pump blood back up to our hearts.

A regular massage as part of a foot spa dramatically improves circulation and that's good for all your major organs. This is particularly helpful for diabetes sufferers.

Increased Mobility

Foot massage is fabulous for relieving joint pain in the feet and ankles. What's more, done regularly, it will improve mobility and athletic performance.

Here's where it gets really interesting; studies have shown that including reflexology in your foot spa can reduce the effect of anxiety and depression. It can also help treat migraines and headaches, and lower blood pressure.

Who'd have thought that something as luxurious and enjoyable as a foot spa in Adelaide could also improve your health and mental wellbeing? That's definitely a good reason to book in for a foot spa in your locality soon.