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Hair Treatments in Adelaide

Is your hair in desperate need of some TLC? We're here to help! Bookwell can help you find the best hair treatments in Adelaide.

However well you care for your hair it's going to need some extra help now and then. Life's tough on your crowning glory, with the climate, pollution and stress taking its toll. We colour it, blow dry it, curl it, straighten it, even tying it back in a ponytail can cause damage.

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When you see someone with really shiny healthy-looking hair the chances are they regularly book salon appointments for hair repair and conditioning treatments.

As well as being super relaxing hair treatments in Adelaide will infuse your locks with all the moisture and nutrients they need to really shine. Depending on the condition of your hair your consultant will recommend the best choice of treatment. It might be deep conditioning, repair, maybe a scalp treatment.

Keratin vs Straightening Treatment

If your hair has become porous due to over-styling you might choose a Keratin treatment. It takes an hour or two but it's so worth it. You won't believe the results. Keratin is a natural protein found in hair and nails. However, things like age and chemicals can reduce our levels leading to frizzy dry hair.

There are several stages of applying a Keratin treatment which is why it should be done in a salon. You'll also be given instructions as to aftercare.

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Many people think a Keratin treatment can be used to straighten hair. This is a myth. It might make hair appear straighter because it's smooth and shiny, but it is not a hair straightening treatment. If that's what you want be sure to tell your hair stylist.

A good salon can help with all your hairdressing needs, including a wide range of hair treatments in Adelaide. From colour repairs to lice treatment for children, be sure to find your local specialist on Bookwell.