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Gel Nails in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide we're sure you have the most fabulous nails. You guys are true fashionistas! The question is, are you a fan of acrylics or gel nails?

Both products are very similar and both can be used to add length to nails that refuse to grow. Soft gel is a great choice if you want tough colour and shine without extensions. Of course, a major difference is that gel nails in Adelaide are cured under UV light whilst acrylic nails harden when exposed to air.

No Infills

Another big difference is that gel nails don't use infills. With acrylic nails, you get a full set and then keep them going for up to four months with regular infills. With gel nails, you get a fresh look - and colour choice - each time. For those who get bored with their nail colour, gel nails are the better option.

Gel nails are certainly very durable, although probably not as tough as acrylics. As the layers are thinner, gel nails look more natural. You could describe the best gel nails in Adelaide as coming somewhere between Shellac and acrylic nails.

Gel Nail Removal

There is a bit of a misconception about gel nails. Some people believe the treatment damages the nail bed. However, the damage is more likely to be caused by incorrect gel removal. When you look at a list of nail salon services and see gel removal, that's what you need. Never attempt to take them off yourself and avoid vigorous filing.

New technology is making nail services safer and more accessible every day. You may notice that many nail salons in Adelaide are moving away from using UV lights to LED curing. Whilst no real danger has been associated with the use of UV lights, LED is a great alternative if you have concerns.

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