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Shellac in Adelaide

So you want gorgeous glossy nails but you're not keen on using acrylic? You don't need the extra length, just durable long-lasting colour? Shellac in Adelaide is the solution.

Shellac - a brand name not a technique - is one of the best things that ever happened to the nail industry. It's a cross between a nail polish and a gel and offers a healthier alternative for your nails.

Huge Range of Colours

Whilst it feels as if it's been around forever Shellac only came onto the market in 2010. After years of research, it was launched by US company Creative Nail Design. According to CND, women had far better things to do than spending hours at the nail salon. Shellac was quick to apply, dried instantly under UV light and looked stunning. What more could you want?

It certainly revolutionised the manicure and quickly became a firm favourite - especially with its huge choice of colours and effects. It's so tough you can get down and dirty without worrying about chipping your polish.

Caring for Shellac

Whilst amazingly durable, Shellac was designed to be easily removed. In that way, it is far better for your nails than normal gel or acrylic. It lasts at least 14 days, maintaining that high gloss throughout.

Shellac nails are very easy to maintain in-between salon visits. Don't be tempted to cut them, though. This will allow moisture to get in and possibly lift the colour. Better to gently file your nails. If it's a bad break, head to the salon.

The preparation of acrylic nails and Shellac in Adelaide is basically the same. Your nails are cleaned and manicured before the colour is applied. The best advice is this: if you want colour and length, choose acrylic; if you want just colour and high gloss, definitely choose Shellac in Adelaide. It's fast, affordable and looks amazing.