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Nail Art in Adelaide

If you're bored with ordinary manicures and want a great new look, it's time to check out nail art in Adelaide. This city has more than its fair share of great nail artists.

Nail art can be simple or elaborate as you wish so let your imagination run riot. Whether you focus on colour, or go for something quite outrageous, you'll certainly turn heads with your new nails.

Subtle or Exotic

This technique can be applied to your own nails or fake nails - it rather depends on what you want to get done. For some nail art creations, such as 3D, artificial nails are better. They can be sculpted into amazing designs or even pierced to take nail jewellery.

Nail art in its simplest form can be done using stickers or tape. The latter is great for creating chequerboard designs. For something a little more exotic, ask your nail artist for the Water Marble effect - it's gorgeous.

A dedicated nail art technician will have plenty of ideas and decorative pieces to create something unique just for you. Hearts and flowers can be stuck on or sculpted to give you the cutest nails in town.

Glitz and Glamour

To add glitz and glamour, rhinestones and other gems are the answer - you'll be amazed at the sparkle they create. One simple rhinestone on each nail is so chic, or go for the Hollywood look with gem encrusted talons.

For specialist nail art, including the amazing Aquarium Glass effect, find a dedicated nail artist in your locality by browsing Bookwell. It's so easy to book online. Your nail artist will be able to suggest ideas and advise you on nail art care and maintenance.

The great thing about nail art is that you can change your look every week, or save it for a special occasion. It will certainly add some sparkle to your life!