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Lymphatic Drainage in Sydney

When you’re talking about health and wellbeing, It’s important to remember that the human body is a finely tuned machine, which needs top quality care to keep it going.

Stress, illness and a variety of other variables can all cause the body to stall, resulting in less than desirable outcomes. But usually, all you need is a bit of a tune-up to get things back in perfect working order.

Did you know that lymphatic drainage is a great way to boost immunity? This popular treatment uses light massage techniques to stimulate the lymph nodes, aiding the body’s removal of unwanted waste, nasty toxins and bacteria. Your lymph nodes are located deep inside the body, in areas such as the armpits, groin and neck. They’re packed with super-charged white blood cells, which help to combat infection and illness, so you can understand why taking care of the lymphatic system is the key to overall health.

As well as offering relief from a variety of health conditions, illness and injury, lymphatic drainage can be effectively utilised both pre and post-surgery. Pre-surgery, it can be helpful in boosting the immune system, in order to speed up healing and reduce recovery time. Post-surgery, it can help to prevent post-surgical infection, reduce scar tissue, and alleviate swelling or bruising.

To get the most out of your lymphatic drainage treatment, consider a lymph cleansing diet to boost results and help to further detox the lymphatic system. You should always consult your health-care professional before commencing any kind of new diet or exercise regime, but the gist of it is pretty straightforward: cut out processed food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and up your whole-grain intake.

If you’re interested in exploring lymphatic drainage in Sydney, book a treatment with Bookwell today.