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  • Vibe Ayurveda
    Vibe Ayurveda

    Vibe Ayurveda

    6/54 Kilby Road, KEW EAST 3102

    At the heart of Vibe Ayurveda are holistic health and wellness offerings that are designed to restore balance and promote healing. The alternative health center encourages guests to explore a…

    BathFoot MassageFoot TreatmentHead MassageShoulder MassageYogamore…

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  • Life Essence Natural Therapies and Counsel
    Life Essence Natural Therapies and Counsel

    Life Essence Natural Therapies and Counsel

    4 reviews

    27 City Road, BEENLEIGH 4207

    Life Essence Natural Therapies and Counsel's vision is to provide safe, effective, and scientific natural therapies to its clients in Beenleigh, Australia. By completely understanding the client's medical issues and…

    AyurvedaChinese MedicineDetoxEyebrow and Eyelash TreatmentsSpaSpiritual Counsellingmore…

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  • Core Wisdom
    Core Wisdom

    Core Wisdom

    1 Welfare Parade, ASHBURTON 3147

    Break away from negative thought patterns, release your anxious thoughts and discover inner peace at Core Wisdom. A highly experienced healer and therapist, Mandy is well-equipped to inspire and support…

    Chakra HealingChinese MedicineCounsellingEnergy HealingNeuro-Linguistic ProgrammingReikimore…

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  • Spaces of Possibilities
    Spaces of Possibilities

    Spaces of Possibilities

    Level 1/ 155 Willoughby Road, CROWS NEST 2065

    True to its name, Spaces of Possibilities really does offer a world of possibility when it comes to health and wellness. Located in Crows Nest, it’s your one stop shop…

    Body MassageChinese MassageCounsellingFace MassageTrigger Point TherapyYogamore…

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  • Core Being Wellness Centre
    Core Being Wellness Centre

    Core Being Wellness Centre

    45 Unley Road, PARKSIDE 5063

    The Core Being Wellness Centre is a true slice of paradise. Situated in Parkside in South Australia, the centre is run by physiotherapist Rajeesh. Rajeesh has over 13 years experience…

    AyurvedaBody MassageDeep Tissue MassageHead MassageReflexologyYogamore…

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  • Sum of Us Studio
    Sum of Us Studio

    Sum of Us Studio

    1 review

    602 High Street, PRAHRAN 3181

    For total health and wellness, visit the peaceful Sum of Us studio in Melbourne. Their vision is to guide and empower you to a state of optimal health and wellbeing…

    BarreChinese MassageChinese MedicineCuppingPodiatry ServicesYogamore…

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  • Vigor Personal Training Studio
    Vigor Personal Training Studio

    Vigor Personal Training Studio

    19 Campbell St, BOWEN HILLS 4006

    Who doesn’t want to unlock their full potential With the Vigor Personal Training Studio in Brisbane you certainly can. Personal training, nutrition plans and body composition analysis, all under one…

    Personal TrainingWeight LossYogamore…

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  • Balanced Bods Health - North Sydney
    Balanced Bods Health - North Sydney

    Balanced Bods Health - North Sydney

    4/281 Pacific Highway, NORTH SYDNEY 2060

    Balanced Bods Health - North Sydney is the preferred wellness center in the area since the well-respected company features comprehensive yoga, acupuncture, osteopathy, massage, and rehabilitative management. The company also…

    Body MassageMyofascial ReleaseOsteopathyRelaxation MassageShiatsuSport Massagemore…

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  • Kundalini Blessings

    7 Hudson Ave, TERRIGAL 2260

    Harjinder of Kundalini Blessings is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher and offers private yoga therapy and meditation sessions to focus on you and your yoga moves. Kundalini Yoga helps raise…

    Kundalini YogaYogamore…

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It's official! Yoga is the fastest growing fitness or sporting activity in Australia (Roy Morgan Research). If you're already doing it, you'll understand why. And if you're thinking of giving it a go, that should clinch it.

Around 2 million Australians get into yoga on a regular basis, and that's women, men and teenagers. Interestingly, yoga has become more popular with women across all age groups, with those aged 35-49, and 50-plus claiming the top spots.

So what is it about yoga that is SO good?

  • Body & Mind - Well, it ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to health and fitness, that's for sure. In fact, it's an exercise class and a health treatment all in one.
  • Less Intense - Whilst you might work up a slight sweat - more if you choose Bikram (hot) yoga - this is not the main aim. Unlike intense aerobic or step classes, yoga is more about improving flexibility, muscle strength and bone health.
  • Mobility - That fact alone makes it really good for women, and for those with joint and back problems. It's also a fantastic way of regaining strength and mobility after illness or surgery.
  • Safe - Some of the BookWell team, who practise yoga on a regular basis, say it's far superior to a gym workout. They reckon it's safer, more enjoyable and achieves results faster.
  • Weight Loss - A couple of the girls also rate yoga as an excellent way to lose weight. It's because yoga focuses on body AND mind. It teaches you to listen to your body, and to feed it the right kind of nutrition. It makes you want to get fit.

Physical & Mental Benefits

Yoga offers men and women so many physical and mental benefits; in fact it's quite similar to Pilates in that way, which is probably why the two activities go so well together.

But did you know that yoga can actually help prevent joint and cartilage breakdown? As that's something most of us end up battling as we get older, it's a big tick in the box.

Yoga also helps keep osteoporosis at bay, increases blood flow, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and regulates your adrenal glands. That last point is really important.

Control Your Cortisol

In a nutshell, your adrenal glands secrete cortisol in response to stress. It's that old fight or flight system of ours, left over from our caveman days. A quick burst of cortisol boosts our survival instinct. And that includes food-seeking behaviour.

If your cortisol levels don't drop back down, you're in all sorts of strife, from suffering depression and overeating to memory loss and osteoporosis. If yoga can help prevent all that, count us in!

Yoga is also a bit of a miracle cure for those who stress too much and have trouble sleeping. It maintains your nervous system to keep you calmer and more balanced. In fact, it's one of the best exercises you can do when going through menopause.

Boost Self Esteem

Yoga is also great for boosting self-esteem and confidence, making it extremely beneficial for teenage girls. Perhaps you could team up with your daughter and go to yoga classes together.

Not only would you enjoy all those great benefits, but it would also help you bond. By putting you more in touch with your emotions, you will most certainly achieve greater awareness and intuition. Your body will start to transform, and you'll understand why and how.

This is particularly beneficial in helping to control anger issues, as well as other destructive behaviours, such as smoking.

Are there any negatives to practising yoga? We can't think of any. So why not slip into something comfortable, grab a mat and give it a try.