Back Into Health

80 Surrey Road (Blackburn Road)
Blackburn 3130

Phone bookings only:

(03) 9842 4688

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  1. Chiropractic

    0.00 1 hr

Remedial Massage

  1. Remedial Massage

    Remedial massage helps restore function to injured ‘soft tissues’ – muscles, tendons and ligaments – throughout the body.

    0.00 30 min

Pregnancy Massage

  1. Pregnancy Massage

    0.00 30 min


  1. Naturopathy

    Naturopathy is a holistic modality with roots back into antiquity. Naturopathy helps put the body back into homeostasis so it is able to heal itself. It is appropriate for people of all ages and can be used as an adjunct therapy for those under a medical doctor’s care.

    0.00 1 hr


  1. Clinical Psychology

    The initial assessment involves listening to your story so that the clinical psychologist has an understanding of your problem and the reasons you have come for treatment.

    0.00 1 hr


  1. Yoga

    Yoga at Back Into Health provides you with the opportunity to deepen your self understanding through physical movement, breathing and meditation. In our yoga classes we will teach you how to correctly organise your body parts, utilise effective breathing techniques and incorporate stability and movement principles to flow through the yoga postures in a balanced and mindful manner. The class will include a meditation and relaxation.

    0.00 1 hr


  1. Pilates

    Whether you need assistance to be free of pain, overcome injury and return to function or simply feel healthier so you can work, play and enjoy life, Pilates is the ultimate functional re-education mind-body practice. Pilates is a complete conditioning program which focuses on developing smooth, fluent, efficient and balanced movement through the organisation and maintenance of good posture, the appropriate activation of the deep core muscles, control, correct breathing and mindfulness.

    0.00 1 hr

Opening Hours

Monday9 AM7 PM
Tuesday9 AM7 PM
Wednesday9 AM7 PM
Thursday9 AM7 PM
Friday9 AM7 PM
Saturday9 AM1 PM


Bounce back at Back Into Health in Blackburn. Centrally located just off Blackburn road, Back into Health is an allied health facility offering state-of-the-art care in Melbourne’s south east. The friendly team use a combined approach of chiropractic and natural therapies to help your body heal effectively. The non-invasive, holistic approach is customised to your needs, ensuring that you receive all the help required to heal. Back Into Health offers Chiropractic, Pilates and Yoga, Neurotraining, Naturopathy, and Clinical Psychology. Kobe, the therapy dog, also attends the clinic on Thursdays and Fridays. Book in today and jump start your return to wellness at Back Into Health.

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