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Pregnancy Massage in Melbourne

If you're an expectant mum in Melbourne you are so lucky, as you have access to some of the best pregnancy massage therapists.

More and more women are turning to pregnancy massage as they realise the many physical and emotional benefits to be had. It has also been shown to make the birth easier, too.

Your first step is to find a therapist who specialises in pregnancy massage in Melbourne. This treatment is clearly quite different to most other massage techniques and it's important your therapist is trained.

It's a good idea to check with your doctor before booking in and you'll probably be advised to avoid a massage during the first trimester.

Various studies have been done on pregnancy massage and the results are very positive. It is found to not only relieve physical conditions such as backache, but also emotional issues caused by changes in hormone levels.

The best pregnancy massage in Melbourne will help your body produce endorphins and this will lift your mood. You are less likely to feel anxious or depressed and that is far healthier for the baby.

Pregnancy massage will also improve your circulation to give bub a better supply of nutrients and boost the immune system. It will also help keep your body free of harmful toxins.

Studies done in the US over recent years showed that hormone levels controlling stress were greatly altered when regular massage was added to pre-natal care. Norepinephrine and cortisol - the hormones associated with stress - were reduced whilst dopamine and serotonin levels went up.

This reduced the occurrence of mood swings, anxiety and depression and the mothers experienced fewer complications during the birthing process. Most importantly, it leads to fewer cases of low birth weight.

After checking with your doctor you can use Bookwell to find the best pregnancy massage in Melbourne and start experiencing these great benefits for yourself.