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Yoga in Melbourne

Are you ready to # nama-slay yourself into a healthier, happier you? From Brunswick to St. Kila, whether you are looking to get flexible and increase your strength, or even have a better night’s sleep, Melbourne has an abundance of yoga studios that will best suit your needs.

If you can’t tell the difference between Ashtanga or Yin, here is our A – Z of yoga so that you can find a class that you love.

Ashtanga Yoga This is a rigorous style of yoga that follows a specific series of postures. There is a focus on the breath as you move from pose to pose. This is fast-paced, vigorous and physically challenging. Some Ashtanga studios offer Mysore-style classes, which allow students to work at their own pace under the supervision of senior instructors.

Bikram Yoga If you like it hot, this is the one for you. This 90 minute class challenges you both physically and mentally to make it through the twenty-six postures in a 40.6 °C room. It is meant to flush out toxins, manage weight and the heat helps students move deeper into each pose.

Iyengar Yoga It’s all about alignment in Iyengar. The poses are held much longer in an iyengar class, with focus on the precise alignment of each posture. There is a use of props such as blocks, belts, bolsters and chair, which are used to accommodate injuries, tightness or structural imbalances. This is perfect is you have never done yoga before because it will ease you into the practice.

Vinyasa Yoga This may incorporate different styles of yoga, and focuses on movement synchronized with breath. It may also be referred to as a flow class, which refers to the continuous flow from one posture to the next. If you find variety the spice of life, this is the class for you.

Yin Yoga If you want to slow down, or unwind after a long day, try yin yoga. Each pose is held for five minutes or longer to increase circulation and improve flexibility. Each though it is passive, it can be challenging because of the pressure on your connective tissues.

Book yourself in for a session with one of our yoga studios. Just remember, a year ago from now – you’ll wish you started today.