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Spray Tanning in Adelaide

Have you ever heard the saying: if you can’t tone, tan? The spray tan is the easiest # gains you’ll ever encounter, and there is not a single burpee or green juice involved. There’s something about being golden brown that inspires images of running through the beach, with salt in your hair. It makes you feel so wholesome. That’s why booking an appointment with one of our spray tanning salons is the equivalent of running 5 miles. (You say opinions, I say facts.)

Hear us out. A good fake tan can play with shadows and highlights to give you definition where you had none. Or if you do have definition, it can help you to enhance it. You can hide your least favorite areas and use highlighter to draw attention to the areas that you do like – like your shoulders and clavicles. You can ask for two subtle, vertical contour on either side of your belly button. Abs weren’t made in the kitchen, they were made in the tanning salon. Be sure to work with what you have. While the spray tan is kind of magic, going from a one pack to a six pack may have that drawn on Ninja Turtle effect. No one wants to look like an extra from 300.

If you want to kick it up a notch, ask your spray tan artists a.k.a. your new personal trainer to concentrate on the area under your calf muscles, along your quadriceps’ indentations, and the crescent below each butt cheek for that # eatcleantrainmean definition. Top tip: after your spray tan, you can use a light shimmer lotion to highlight your clavicle and the topsides of your arms.

Swap your gym membership for a spray tan budget, and never look back. Book an appointment with one of our spray tan artists today for golden skin, and a body that just won’t quit.