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Spray Tanning in Adelaide

Some of those old wives' tales can give you a real laugh! We used to be told that eating too many carrots would turn us orange and, although that's pretty unlikely, there could be teeny, weeny bit of truth there.

Carrots, and some other vegetables, contain beta-carotene. And if you consume excessive amounts of beta-carotene, you can get a slight discolouration of the skin. So guess what they put in those early tanning pills? Yep, beta-carotene.

Avoiding the Risks

Tanning pills were one of the many ideas that have been used to create fake tans. And they were found to be quite dangerous. The whole idea of a fake tan is to avoid the possible risks of sunbathing, such as skin cancer and UV damage. Yet so many fake tan techniques were also found to be dangerous.

Your safest option for a healthy, natural-looking glow in Adelaide, is spray tanning. And it's easy to book right now, through BookWell.

Discover What's Involved

You can ask your spray tanning therapist about the products they use, but generally, it is a mix of DHA, and skin nourishing ingredients, such as coconut or macadamia nut oil, and vitamin E.

DHA is dihydroxyacetone - a simple carbohydrate derived from plant sources, such as sugar cane. DHA is not a dye, but it causes a reaction with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin. That's what gives you that lovely tanned look.

Natural Looking Results

The spray tanning formula is applied as a fine mist, so that it can be targeted at the areas you wish to be coloured, and kept away from your mouth and nose.

You can choose the depth of colour you would like to achieve, but remember, it is also influenced by your natural skin colouring. You also have the option of starting out quite light, then gradually adding more colour, for a really natural effect.

Spray tanning really is the safest way to go for a gorgeous, year-round tan in Adelaide.