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Fitness in Perth

Living, working or just hanging out in such a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, requires sophisticated and cosmopolitan fitness facilities. And you’re in luck, for we’ve got a host of fantastic studios, gyms and trainers based in Perth just waiting for you to try them out.

We’re all aware of our fitness levels, especially moreso now that many of us own fitness trackers and watches. Which means that we all know what we should be doing in terms of keeping fit. If you think you’re maybe not doing enough, or you’d like to try something different, then check out our fitness centres and exercise gurus in Perth.

If one on one exercise is your bag, then we’ll definitely have a personal trainer to suit you. The right trainer can get you to your weight loss and/or fitness goals quicker than doing it on your own. They’ll motivate you (even if it’s a phone call to drag you out of bed) and tailor a programme to suit your goals and current fitness levels. They’ll mix it up too; they’ll take it outside, bring along their boxing pads, get you lifting free weights and running. There’s no getting bored or despondent with a personal trainer.

Or maybe group exercise suits you better? We’ve got yoga, pilates and Barre classes, all run by qualified and experienced teachers. Barre sessions teach ballet movements for flexibility and strength. It’s really fun, it’s different to most exercise classes, and well worth a try. As is a session of Tai Chi which uses smooth, gentle movements to improve flexibility and strength. Tai Chi is ideal if you don’t have much freedom of movement.

If you’ve tried most other things but you still have some stubborn fat, you could try a session of Hypoxi. Hypoxi combines gentle exercise with compression and vacuuming to dissolve those bits that just won’t shift.

Whatever you decide, book in today and find your favourite path to fitness.