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Eyelash Tinting in Perth

If you live in Australia's sunniest city there's a good chance you spend a lot of time at the beach or pool. If you're looking for an easy solution to looking gorgeous whatever you're doing, eyelash tinting is the solution.

Eyelash tinting in Perth is so accessible and affordable. It's fast, too - much quicker than getting eyelash extensions. It doesn't give you the length and fullness that you can get with eyelash extensions, but it's much more affordable if you're looking good on a budget.

Colour and Definition

You'll be amazed at how well this simple procedure improves your look. Adding colour and definition to your lashes it can lift your whole appearance. If you're looking and feeling a bit tired and weary an eyelash tint can take years off you!

Of course, you could just slap on the mascara but have you noticed how smudged mascara can make the shadows under your eyes look even worse? Not to mention the clumpy eyelashes. A professionally applied eyelash tint in Perth is a far better option.

Go Dramatic

There are a few different colours to choose from depending on what you want. The general rule of thumb is the darker your hair, the darker the tint. So, for example, raven-haired beauties would look gorgeous with blue-black lashes whereas a blonde might prefer dark brown lashes. Having said that, many fair-haired lovelies still choose black or blue-black to create a more dramatic look.

Eyelash tinting is fast; it only takes about 15 minutes to apply, set and remove the dye. You can combine the treatment with an eyelash lift if you wish.

Busting the Myths

There are a few myths about eyelash tinting in Perth that are worth busting. Done correctly it is quite safe and it doesn't make your eyelashes fall out - they do that all by themselves. Eyelashes grow to a certain length and then they are genetically programmed to fall out and regrow.

If you'd like to make more of your appearance for less, simply search Bookwell for eyelash tinting in Perth.