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Barbers in Perth

There’s no denying it. The well-groomed, dapper gentleman is making a comeback in a big way. Thanks, Hollywood celebs, you make it so easy to keep up. Seriously though, if your locks and facial hair are in need a good bit of taming, consider the barbershop. Men of Perth, we’re looking at you. It’s time to get your act together.

Trained in the old-fashioned art of making good men look great, barbers are dedicated to the total male grooming process. From a cut throat shave, to a beard trim or haircut, Bookwell’s barbers will have you looking your best in no time.

Why choose a barber over a traditional hairdresser? Hairdressers are trained in the art of style cuts, colouring and most things lady-related. Sure, they might do a decent male trim, but if you really want to be taken care of, visit your local barber. They’re specifically trained in the field of male grooming and know just what will suit you best. No more running home crying because you got a dud cut, ever again. Promise.

They don’t just do hair If you’re sick of the nicks, cuts and irritation associated with facial and neck shaving, you can't go past the barbershop cut throat shave. Results actually last longer than the hack job you normally do at home, and it’ll feel smooth, clean and amazing.

Barbers are cool guys! If you’ve been the victim of one too many silent salon experiences, where the only thing you have in common with your hairdresser is the weather, popping into a barbershop will likely be a refreshing change. Barbers are generally pretty cool guys, with interesting stories to tell. You’ll feel far more comfortable in such a welcoming, dude-oriented environment. If you're lucky you might even score a free coffee.

If we’ve got you convinced, book a barber appointment today using Bookwell. Your best hair day is a few mere clicks away.