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Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth

Whilst we all know living in Perth is fabulous all that sunshine and heat can play havoc with your makeup. You might look amazing when you leave your air-conditioned home but, after a few hours outside, your lipstick and eyeliner is sliding off your face!

There is a solution - and that's cosmetic tattooing in Perth. It's revolutionising the way we Aussie girls do our makeup.

Set and Forget

These days cosmetic tattooing is so advanced it's being used for many different reasons. However, the most popular treatments are still eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos and eyeliner. This really is a set and forget alternative for those who love the great outdoors or need to look their best every day.

Eyebrow tattoos are now very advanced. In the past cosmetic tattooists had to use convention tattooing tools and ink. This gave quite a solid looking result that put some clients off. These days pigment is used instead of ink for a much softer appearance.

Stunning Results

The tools have changed, too. Microblading is the most popular form of eyebrow tattoo, with the practitioner able to draw each hair individually. Honestly, it's so good you can't tell it's a tattoo.

Here at Bookwell, we love eyeliner tattoos. You have the choice of getting the top or bottom done or both. It's a fiddly procedure that must be done by a professional and the results are stunning. Apart from the convenience it's just so gorgeous and really defines your eyes.

From Beach to Bar

With eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos you know you can step out in the sun or splash in the surf without your makeup smudging or washing off. Now you really can go straight from the beach to the bar.

Lip tattoos are very popular too, whether you choose a full lip or lip liner. Today's tattooists can apply lip liner so that it blends into your lip for a natural finish.

Cosmetic tattooing in Perth? Best idea ever so browse Bookwell for a practitioner near you.