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Nails in Perth

Are your nails the epitome of perfection? Or are they so awful, you even wear gloves in summer? Either way, you'll probably be on the lookout for amazing nail care technicians in Perth.

For women especially, getting your nails done isn't just about the fabulous results. It's about taking some time out for yourself, in a peaceful, nurturing environment.

Well Groomed Women - and Men

Perth nail salons get that completely, which is why so many have created such gorgeous indulgent surroundings. But don't let that put you boys off. In fact, we'll let you into a little secret - we love a well groomed man.

When it comes to us girls, anything goes. Some of us favour the traditional manicure or French manicure, while others go for artistic overload with amazing nail art.

We love gel nails, acrylic nails, false nails, SNS and shellac. We do colour, we do metallic, we even do glitter. Why? Because we can. And because it makes us look and feel great.

What To Choose

And let's face it, is there anything more effective than drumming perfectly long, blood red talons on the table when you're in a bad mood!

If you're a bit confused by all the different techniques used these days, we can help. Basically, acrylics and gels give you strength, colour and length, while shellac gives you strength and colour but doesn't extend the nail.

The very latest system, SNS - Signature Nail System - gives you the lot, and is flexible, water-resistant, chip-resistant and super shiny.

Time to Shine

If you're blessed with naturally long and strong nails, you can go straight to the colour. A French manicure looks amazing, or choose from an endless list of hues. Nail art in Perth is a popular choice, too, with some incredibly skilled nail artists out there.

And don't forget to ask about Vinylux - a new breed of nail polish that offers high shine and week-long wear.