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Alternative Therapy in Perth

Whether you’ve been suffering with perpetual headaches or migraines, perhaps you’ve got an allergy that just won’t budge, or maybe you’ve got a nagging psychological concern, alternative therapy can offer relief from almost anything that ails you.

But what does the term ‘alternative therapy’ actually cover? In a nutshell, alternative therapy can be defined as any treatments or medicines that are used instead of, or in addition to, their traditional counterparts. Also known as complementary therapy, alternative therapy is an integrated, holistic approach to healing, and may assist in the treatment or temporary relief of an array of injuries and ailments.

Ever heard of acupuncture, kinesiology, hydrotherapy, or ayurveda? Sure, you might not know what they are, but they all fall under the alternative therapy umbrella. If you’re not quite sure where to start, or what kind of treatment is most suitable for you, Bookwell is home to some of the most reputable alternative therapy practices in Perth, covering every kind of therapy you can possibly imagine.

Alternative therapy has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, reduce symptoms and side effects related to injury and illness, help you to remain positive and feel in control. Working to improve both the body and the mind, some of the most popular forms of alternative therapy include:

  • Kinesiology - your overall health is assessed by testing your body’s muscles, to understand and treat the root cause of physical, mental and emotional issues
  • Naturopathy - uses the healing power of nature and therapeutic techniques to alleviate an array of conditions
  • Acupuncture - a key component of Chinese medicine, where fine needles are inserted into the body to relieve issues such as pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis and allergies

Ready to give alternative therapy a go? Look no further; Bookwell is your ticket to the best alternative therapy practitioners in Perth.