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Relaxation Massage in Perth

When it comes to massage therapy, relaxation massage pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s a therapeutic, relaxing treatment with numerous stress-relieving benefits.

Thankfully, Perth is home to some of the best relaxation massage clinics on Australia’s east coast, equipped with expertly trained professionals, whose tried and true techniques will leave you feeling like a whole new person from head to toe.

In contrast to some of the more intense massage techniques on the market, such as Chinese, acupuncture, or deep tissue, relaxation massage is designed for the sole purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation. If you’re looking for something that’ll get deep down into those hard-working, weight-bearing muscles, better look elsewhere.

When heading in for your relaxation massage, you can expect to fill in a brief questionnaire, or have a quick consultation with your therapist, to establish what you want to get out of the treatment. You’ll then be led into your treatment room, and this is where the magic really happens. Expect candle-lit serenity, soft music, scented oils and all of the things you need to wind down and switch off, even if only for half an hour or so. Trust us, it’s enough.

That feeling of calm and relaxation you get before, during, and after a massage? Actually based on science. Studies show that massage therapy prompts the release of endorphins; a type of neurotransmitter produced by the central nervous system which helps to promote feelings of positivity. So the next time someone questions your desire to spend money on a relaxation massage, just tell them it’s for very important scientific research purposes. Your secret is safe with us.

If you’re after a massage treatment that will help to ease the stress of everyday life, and leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated, secure a relaxation massage with Bookwell today.