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Eyebrow Tint in Perth

You know what they say… never trust anyone with bad eyebrows. Wasn’t it Sex & The City’s Carrie Bradshaw who said that? While her morals might have been questionable at the best of times, we have to agree with her here.

Well-groomed eyebrows give off an impression of confidence, self-respect, and help to frame the face beautifully. If you’ve got your eyebrows down pat, we reckon the rest is a cinch. And that’s where eyebrow tinting comes in.

While there are plenty of at-home, DIY eyebrow tinting kits on the market, risking a semi-permanent dye job mishap, right in the centre of your face, is less than ideal. Instead, we recommend biting the bullet and consulting an eyebrow pro to ensure the best results. After all, they’re trained in the art of eyebrow grooming, and you probably aren’t.

After an initial consultation, you’ll be asked to lie back and relax, as your eyebrow tinter applies a custom colour to your brows. They’ll leave the dye to work its magic for a couple of minutes, then wipe it straight off to reveal flawless brows. A vegetable-based, semi-permanent tint is often used to minimise risk of allergy or irritation.

If you’ve ever done an at-home hair dye job, and are worried about skin staining, remember that your eyebrow tinting pro will apply vaseline, or some kind of skin barrier to protect it from the dye. The dye will only coat the hairs, and will breathe colour and new life into some of those tiny little baby hairs you didn’t even know you had!

Remember to keep your brows well moisturised to extend the life of your dye job, and promote healthy hair growth. If eyebrow tinting sounds like a treatment you’d like to explore, check out eyebrow tinting in Perth on Bookwell today.