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Foot Spa in Perth

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Then you need to book in for a Foot Spa in Perth! No kidding, it could be just what you need.

We all know how a foot spa feels luxuriously decadent and is the best treat for your tootsies, but it can also noticeably improve your overall health. It's all to do with the use of pressure points in the foot - or reflexology.

A study carried out in Denmark took 220 patients who suffered bad headaches or migraines. They were treated with reflexology over a three-month period. At the end of the study, 16% said they were cured and 65% said reflexology had helped.

Relieves Depression

The Chinese refer to our feet as our 'second heart', believing they are extremely important in promoting good health. When foot massage is included in a foot spa in Perth, it can treat many conditions, including ankle and leg pain, arthritis, anxiety and depression.

Most foot spas begin by soaking the feet in warm water. This in itself is very relaxing and soothing. Sometimes essential oils are added to the soak, or salt may be used. Saltwater is particularly effective is helping to detox the body.

Your feet will be scrubbed, dried, moisturised and massaged and the session usually finishes with an application of nail polish or gel.

Best Foot Spa in Perth

Most people book foot a spa to make their feet look pretty - and it certainly does that. It is also a wonderful tonic for your body and mind. From helping to lower your blood pressure to getting rid of dangerous toxins, it's one of the best therapies you can choose.

Foot spas have been used for thousands of years around the world. The Ancient Chinese, the Romans and the Grecians - they all swore by them for optimum health. All you have to do to experience the best foot spa in Perth is find a spa in your locality here on Bookwell.