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Laidback and easy going, our nail salons match the Perth vibe nicely, with an added air of total professionalism. Whatever level of manicure you’re after, there’s a salon just waiting to book you in. A classic mani, gel nails, SNS nails or nail extensions, BookWell salons have you covered.

A classic manicure is a perfect quick fix for on the go. Choose any number of finishes; round, square, squoval or fiercely filed stiletto nails. The Vinylux polish from CND (the makers of Shellac) goes on like a traditional polish but is guaranteed to last for seven days without chipping. You have to try it to believe it!

If even longer lasting nails are your style, a gel manicure or SNS nails will be your thing. Both last for a few weeks, beautifully chip free and shiny. Gel nails include a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat with 30 seconds under a UV lamp between each coat. The UV light ‘fixes’ the gel varnish making it strong and durable, able to withstand all the stresses you put your hands through. SNS stands for Signature Nail System. This kind of manicure has a similar staying power as a gel manicure but doesn’t use UV light. Instead, after a gel base coat, nails are dipped into a clever coloured powder a few times then sealed with a top coat. The results are light yet durable, natural and breathable. Both gel and SNS nails need to be removed by a professional, no matter how tempting it is to peel them off. Peeling will result in rough nails susceptible to splitting, so don’t do it!

If length and strength is what you’re after, then nail extensions are for you. Nail extensions involve gluing a plastic nail shaped plate to the tip of each nail and smoothing it down with a file and a layer of acrylic. Once its covered with the colour of your dreams, no one will know they’re not technically your own. Whatever your go-to nail, book in with one of our Perth salons today!