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Facials in Perth

Perth is one of the unique places on the globe where unspoilt nature exists side by side with cosmopolitan sophistication. From Ningaloo’s Marine Park’s spectacular reef, to the red dunes of Cape Range National Park, to the Perth Cultural centre, you will be sure to encounter loads of exciting moments which you will want to capture with your camera.

And you can be certain that a soothing facial will highlight your complexion making sure you dazzle and glow in each photo you appear in. Luckily, Perth is filled with upscale salons and beauty parlours with awesome treatments which are just right for your skin type and here a few you can expect to find below:

Oxygen facials: As exciting exploring the city is, one of its drawbacks is possible dehydration of the skin, due to rising global pollution levels, which are responsible for causing it to lose its natural lustre. Which is where oxygen facials come in. Involving the introduction of nutrient enriched oxygen to your skin, they are the ideal treatment for restoring your skin’s natural lustre, and are completely pain free.

Microcurrent facials: These treatments will massage your face to youthfulness, restoring the suppleness of your skin using an electric current. Unlike other facials, they involve the application of a conducting gel before the procedure begins. In addition to being highly effective, they are also pain free although you may have a metallic aftertaste in your mouth, afterwards.

There are also several other facials which you can look forward to enjoying in Perth. And our website is the perfect place to find out all about them. Best of all, you will also be able to schedule your appointment with the salon of your choice and pay for it online, too from the comfort of your hotel or guesthouse. So get browsing right away and choose the salon and procedure that is just right for you.