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Pedicures Perth

With its laidback vibe, gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches, if you live in Perth your feet are probably on display most of the year. Either barefoot on the beach or loosely sandal-ed, it’d be criminal not to have the perfect pedicure.

Book in with one of our salons for a quick, on the go, pedi or go all out for some reflexology and a pampering spa pedicure.

Most pedicures involve a soothing foot soak, a scrub to get rid of all those flakey bits of skin a relaxing massage and a file and polish. Most therapists will file your toenails into a soft square shape, making sure there’s no sharp edges to catch on shoes or delicate hosiery. Your two main options for polish are a traditional polish or a gel polish. A traditional polish is quick to apply and lasts longer on toes than it does on fingers. A gel polish involves a quick blast under a UV lamp between each coat to set the gel. The gel will then last for around three weeks, staying chip free and shiny throughout. It’ll need to be removed by a professional, as peeling gel varnish off can damage the nails.

If you’re very sporty then your feet probably suffer, not necessarily in silence. A specialist sports foot clinic will focus on massaging weary muscles. It’ll also treat any blisters or dry areas of skin that can catch on your socks, causing more blisters.

So whatever type of pedicure you’re after in Perth, book your toes in for a treat at one of our Perth-ect salons.