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Waxing in Perth

For many people, professional salon waxing in Perth is a regular part of their beauty regime. Nobody wants to be caught out in public with excessive and unsightly body hair.

Whilst modern men and women have totally embraced this form of hair removal, we didn't invent it. It was probably the Ancient Egyptians who came up with the idea, due to their obsession with removing all body hair.

Hot Wax

Interestingly, the techniques used back then are pretty much what we have today. The Egyptians used beeswax and sugar, applying the mixture to the skin and then ripping it off to remove hairs. That is essentially what we do with both soft and hard wax.

Soft wax is very common. Heated up to a slightly runny consistency, it is applied to the skin using a roller or spatula. Fabric strips are pressed down onto the wax and then ripped off to remove the hair.

Hard wax goes on in much the same way but sets hard around the hairs, doing away with the need for fabric strips. Simply grab the edge of the set wax and pull it off.

Hair Free and Gorgeous

Waxing is suitable for all body parts. Despite the introduction of alternative methods, such as threading, the majority of women and men still choose the hot wax experience.

Most people experience a little redness and tenderness after a waxing session. However, the better the waxing technique, the less likely you are to have after-effects, so always choose a professional salon. You certainly shouldn't end up bruised or bleeding.

The application of a medicated moisturiser straight after waxing really helps. Try to avoid using other products, such as anti-perspirant, on the waxed areas for a few hours.

Waxing offers many advantages over methods such as shaving and depilatory creams. Quick and easy, it will also make the hairs finer and sparser over time. It's well worth the minimal amount of pain to stay hair-free and gorgeous all year round.