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Face Treatments in Perth

Perth is a laid back city, one of beautiful beaches and glorious weather. And what’s the perfect addition to all this loveliness? A relaxing, pampering facial treatment of course! Our Perth salons are fully stocked with all the latest products and have amazing, experienced staff. All you need to do is book!

Book a luxurious aromatherapy facial for the ultimate in relaxation. Or, if you have sun spots or areas of pigmentation you’d like to fix, then book in for some IPL skin rejuvenation. This laser treatment breaks down darker areas of skin leaving you blemish free. A facial peel will also reduce these darker spots, by using special creams to remove the top few skin layers. This treatment will also reduce fine lines and will result in smooth, glowing skin. For skin that could do with some plumping, choose a microdermabrasion facial. Small microcrystals are used to remove the first few layers of skin. This promotes collagen production which naturally plumps up the skin. Kiss goodbye to those tell-tale signs of age.

If you’ve got a special event coming up, take some of the planning out of it by booking your makeup in with one of our fantastic makeup artists. Some work from their salon, some will visit your home, all will make you feel amazing. Book in for a trial session to really perfect your look.

Sometimes, we need a permanent boost, especially if we lead busy lives. There’s no longer any need to spend too much time putting eyeliner, lipliner or eyebrows on. Book in with a specialist in cosmetic tattooing and have some permanent makeup applied. The perfect eyebrows are only a microblading session away!

You deserve to feel good, and look good. So book in a face treatment with one of our fab Perth salons today. You’ll never look back.