The Peace Practice

64 Angove Street
North Perth 6006

Phone bookings only:

0412 886 813

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  1. The Peace Session

    The Peace Session ( 1 hour session on the table + consultation time 30 mins) $100
    This beautiful intuitively given session integrates various energies. We begin with a light meditation to relax you, an aura cleanse using sound and tuning forks and then combining the energies of Reiki with spiritual healing techniques and crystal balancing.
    This is our most popular session.
    Allow 1 1/2 hours in total for the appointment.

    100.00 1 hr 30 min
  2. Tarot Moon Reiki (Jan 21st 2019 only)

    Offered only on the days of 2019 the moon is most potent and powerful for intention setting, energy healing transfers, recharging your vibrational field and tarot divination. Beautiful combined sessions of Moon aligned Reiki and Meditation with an Intuitive Tarot reading. *Please note payment is required when booking to reserve your space - for all enquiries on this session please call Elaine 0412 886 813

    165.00 2 hrs
  3. Reiki Self Empowerment Attunement Ritual Sessions (7th-11th January 2019 ONLY)

    IMPORTANT: This Attunement does NOT initiate or qualify you to practice Reiki. It is given for self-empowerment and self- healing purposes.

    Beautiful one on one restorative 2-hour Self Empowerment Attunement sessions available only between the 7th-11th January 2019. Allow an extra 30 mins for discussion and consultation.

    ALIGN -

    These are a ritual based sessions worked around a large-scale crystal grid combined with meditation, affirmations, aura cleansing and blessings merged with the Reiki Attunement and a peaceful Reiki session.

    RESERVE THIS SESSION on advertised dates only or as stated here only or EMAIL ( OR PHONE (0412 886 813)

    For more detailed information on these sessions please visit our website - Services & Contact page.

    160.00 2 hrs 30 min
  4. Reiki Session

    Reiki Session (45 mins on the table + 15 mins consultation time) A lovely relaxed, intensive Reiki Energy Transfer. Reiki can assist you in restoring your sense of self and wellbeing by encouraging your mind, body and spirit back to balance.

    80.00 1 hr
  5. Reiki at a Distance Session

    Reiki can be invoked and channeled across time and space by intent. Reiki as such know no boundaries and this energy vibration can be used on persons, spaces and across various time lines. From the comfort of your own home, this session is by an arranged appointment. Allow approximately 45 mins for a Distance Session.

    70.00 45 min

Opening Hours

Monday5 PM7:45 PM
Thursday9 AM7:45 PM
Friday9 AM6 PM


For a truly peaceful experience, visit The Peace Practice in North Perth. Offering reiki in beautifully serene surroundings, you’ll feel amazing at each visit.

Owner Elaine offers one on one reiki sessions which will help you activate, and maintain, a state of peace in your own world. Using these transmissions of energy, her intensive sessions will connect you to your inner self, restore your wellbeing and help your physical body by encouraging balance between your mind, body and spirit. Reiki encourages your body to initiate its own intrinsic knowledge of self-balancing and healing.

Reiki is a natural, non invasive, gentle vibrational transfer of universal life force and is totally relaxing.

You can also receive monthly peaceful tarot card readings via Elaine’s online shop.
Relieve your exhaustion and encourage your body to heal with reiki.

The Peace Practice is excited to help you feel your best. Book in with The Peace Practice today and feel at one.

4 Reviews


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Elaine was wonderful. Started healing me hours before my visit. thank you.

Visited April 2018

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