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Pilates in Perth

Keep calm and do Pilates. Whether you are sailing around the Rottnest Island or shopping at Hay Street Mall, you want to look your best. Get a strong core and lean, sculpted legs with one of our Pilates studios in Perth.

From Gwyneth to Jennifer Hawkins, this low impact workout is yielding high results. Read on to find out more:

It’s all about control

Pilates is the art of controlling your body, mind and muscles. This is a mind-body exercise that puts emphasis on the mental focus behind the physical movement. The quality of the movement is stressed over the quantity. There is emphasis on fewer, more precise movements, requiring control and technique over increased repetition. This means you can make a difference to your body without putting too much pressure on it. By using correct alignment, control, precision, breathing and correct spinal and pelvic alignment, you will get in tune with your body.

Focus on your core

The term ‘core stability’ was popularized by Joseph Pilates. Core strength helps you look thinner, supports your spine and helps with things like balance. A strong core can help to prevent injury.

Pilates focuses on the core makes it popular not only for fitness but rehabilitation. The focus on strengthening the core and improving postural awareness are goodf rot eh alleviation and prevention of back, neck and joint pain.

Benefits of Pilates:

Unlike strength training, the focus is on strengthening and lengthening the muscles. This results in long, lean strong overall muscle tone that is not bulky.

There will be an overall slimming, greater flexibility and increased mobility after a few sessions.

You will have better posture, as well as move with better balance and coordination.

You will leave the workout with increased energy levels, a clear focused mindset and a strong body.

The session also helps to eliminate toxins and waste. You will find that your metabolic rate is increased, as well as immune system.

It can also help improve pelvic floor function, and bone density.

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