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Fitness in Adelaide

Many of us now own a fitness tracker, a device that’s normally worn on the wrist to track steps, calories burned and sometimes how long we’ve spent sitting or standing. Many come with an app that allows you to calculate the calories, fats, sugars, carbs and other nutrients in the food eaten in a day. Which all means that many of us are now even more aware of calories going in, and calories going out. Burning calories is essential to keeping fit.

Adelaide is known for it’s vibrant arts and live music scene. To keep up, you’ve got to be fighting fit! And what better way, than in one of our Adelaide BookWell fitness centres? We’ve got a whole host of places, so whatever your fitness levels, and whatever your goals, you’ll find somewhere to suit you. And don’t worry, if sweating it out in a gym isn't your thing, we’ve got pilates, barre and yoga studios and even fat busting but gentle Hypoxi centres.

What centres? Hypoxi! Hypoxi combines gentle exercise with vacuum and compression therapies to stimulate fat metabolism. You’ll either be walking gently on a treadmill, or cycling at a gentle pace on an exercise bike whilst inside a pressure machine or suit. Its ideal for those with stubborn fat on their hips, thighs, buttocks and tummy.

If this doesn't sound like you, but you still want to work out gently, then some yoga or mat pilates will suit you. Both involve stretches and slow movements, yoga being more controlled and calm. Reformer pilates is more geared towards strength training and is a more intense workout. Either way, all our studios have trained instructors that will guide and support you. They’re all super friendly and used to beginners, professionals, and everything in-between.

Our personal training studios are fab too. All our PTs are qualified to work with all levels of fitness. So if you’re starting out, or looking for a new fitness challenge in Adelaide, book in today!