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Trigger Point Therapy in Sydney

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Here's an alternative therapy that just might help. Instead of popping the aspirin book yourself in for Trigger Point Therapy in Sydney.

You may have thought trigger point therapy was designed to help muscle pain, and so it is. The thing is muscle pain can cause problems elsewhere in the body. For example, sore muscles in your back or neck can frequently cause bad headaches.

Cure the Problem

By simply treating the headache with painkillers you are only getting temporary relief. Locating the best trigger point therapy in Sydney could actually cure the problem for good.

The problem occurs when a muscle gets overused, inflamed or infected. Tight little knots form in the muscle known as trigger points. These may cause pain in the immediate area or elsewhere. A trained soft tissue therapist will be able to locate the trigger points and treat them, as well as relieving any referred pain, like a headache.

Research Results

Treatment involves applying firm pressure to the trigger point in several short bursts. There is some discomfort as the pressure is applied but it quickly disappears. At the end of the session, you will definitely be feeling a lot better.

Trigger point therapy is well suited for anyone who gets sore muscles. It is particularly favoured by sportsmen and women, with research showing it really works. It is also great for tradesmen and women, or anyone with a job that requires lifting.

Treating Migraines

Some forms of trigger point therapy use dry needling to enhance the treatment. This means the therapist inserts a tiny needle into the trigger point. This is not the same as acupuncture. Studies have shown that trigger point therapy combined with dry needling is very effective for those suffering from chronic lower back pain.

As far as those headaches are concerned, research shows that trigger point therapy can bring relief. A study done on migraine sufferers in 2006 found that 93.9% had trigger points with referred pain patterns.

If you'd like help to tackle those annoying headaches, or any other type of muscle pain, find the best trigger point therapy in Sydney here on Bookwell.