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Top 20 Trigger Point Therapy venues

Here is our pick for the top venues offering Trigger Point Therapy from around Australia.

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  1. Xallini Day Spa
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    Xallini Day Spa

    402 Hampton St, Hampton 3188
    Step into a spa oasis with Xallini Day Spa invite. Indulge in luxurious hair, beauty and massage treatments including remedial, deep tissue and aromatherapy.
  2. Anasa Healing
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    Anasa Healing

    219 Magill Road, Maylands 5069
    Anasa Healing is a beautiful haven of calmness and healing. It combines acupressure, Swedish massage, remedial massage, reflexology and relaxation techniques.
  3. Pure Intentions Beauty
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    Pure Intentions Beauty

    Warrandyte Road, Ringwood, Ringwood 3134
    Pure Intentions Beauty is a specialist beauty clinic offering beauty treatments in a chic clinic in Ringwood.
  4. Envision Massage
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    Envision Massage

    Shop 34, 388 Newman Road, Geebung 4034
    Envision Massage is a modern massage clinic, offering caring, knowledgeable massage therapies including Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.
  5. Eastern Therapies Clinic - Bondi
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    Eastern Therapies Clinic - Bondi

    4/106 Ebley St, Bondi Junction 2022
    Eastern Therapies Clinic Bondi is a premier health oasis that specialises in merging ancient Chinese medicine with acupuncture to support overall wellbeing.
  6. Active Healing
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    Active Healing

    26 Hull Road, Mount Martha 3934
    Active Healing is a truly healing place, using techniques such as craniosacral therapy, ear candling, Chinese medicine, cupping and trigger point therapy.
  7. Massage Beautique
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    Massage Beautique

    Shop 2 400 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia, Bondi Junction 2022
    Massage Beautique is a haven of tranquility. Treatments include traditional Thai Massage, skin needling, microdermabrasion, and body contouring.
  8. Nada Thai Massage and Spa
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    Nada Thai Massage and Spa

    23 Cabot Dr, Altona North, VIC 3025, Australia, Altona North 3025
    Indulge in a traditional Thai massage at Nada Thai Massage and Spa. Improve your sense of wellbeing with Deep Tissue, Remedial, and Sports Massage, or facials.
  9. ENTA


    5 Lloyd Street, Strathmore 3041
    Elite Natural Therapies Australia is a sanctuary for health and wellness. Explore natural remedies such as cupping, acupuncture, massage and more.
  10. Bill Horton's Healing Massage and Homeopathy
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    Bill Horton's Healing Massage and Homeopathy

    37 Coral Fern Drive, Cooroibah 4565
    Bill Horton's Healing Massage and Homeopathy is a truly gifted healer. Bill's services include Sports, Remedial, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, and Shiatsu.
  11. A Tight Knot Massage

    A Tight Knot Massage

    16 Magnolia Avenue, Hollywell 4216
    A Tight Knot Massage is a bespoke massage therapy clinic specializing in remedial massage and alternative therapies to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in Hollywell.
  12. Lomi for Life @ Massage & Co

    Lomi for Life @ Massage & Co

    59 Katrina Street, Blackburn North 3130
    Lomi for Life @ Massage & Co practices massage therapy and holistic care. Lomilomi is Hawaiian for massage, a soothing treatment to leave you feeling calm.
  13. Melbourne Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

    Melbourne Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

    235 Park Street, South Melbourne 3205
  14. Harmony Remedial Massage Therapy

    Harmony Remedial Massage Therapy

    107A Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood 3134
  15. Energy Flow

    Energy Flow

    727 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield 3162
    Energy Flow is a unique massage clinic in Caulfield South offering nature’s path to wellness through the application of various massage modalities.
  16. Manly Massage Therapy

    Manly Massage Therapy

    3 Market Ln, East Manly 2095
  17. Shannon London Bodywork Therapist

    Shannon London Bodywork Therapist

    Shop 2, 58 Darley Rd, East Manly 2095
  18. Muscle Essence

    Muscle Essence

    485 Keilor Rd, Niddrie 3042
  19. ACE Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic

    ACE Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic

    Suite 5 / 341 Victoria Ave, Chatswood 2067
  20. Domain Health Physiotherapy & Fitness Studio - Prahran

    Domain Health Physiotherapy & Fitness Studio - Prahran

    572 Malvern Road, Prahran 3181

Trigger Point Therapy

The chances are that at some point or other, everybody has experienced muscle pain. It might be caused by overworking or straining a muscle, a sports injury, incorrect lifting, even just sleeping in the wrong position. Muscle pain can go from minor to chronic.

Muscle pain is usually down to problems with the fascia, the thick tissue that surrounds our bones and joints. When it's healthy, fascia is soft, relaxed and pliant. But when you feel those hard little knots in the muscle, its trigger points.

Finding the Source

Other causes of trigger points are trauma, infection, nerve pain or inflammation. So one of the first steps to take in Trigger Point Therapy is determining the cause. It is also important to pinpoint the source.

Hang on a minute, you say, it's my neck that's sore so that must be the source. Not so. The discomfort in your neck could be referred pain from a trigger point in your back. To make it even more confusing, you may get referred pain from your neck in the form of a headache.

You could describe Trigger Point Therapy as a form of remedial massage, in that direct pressure is applied to those knots to bring relief. It is a great treatment as it can be used on just about anyone.

Restore Mobility

The aim of the therapist is to not only give pain relief and 'shift' the knot but also to restore the full range of movement. This is because muscles containing trigger points are weaker than healthy muscles and that can affect mobility.

You may have experienced this yourself. Let's say you have pain in your left leg that makes it hard to walk. You try and compensate by putting more weight on your right leg. Then you wake up the next morning with two sore legs.

When we use other muscles to compensate for the sore or damaged ones, we risk creating trigger points in the previously healthy muscles. It's a bit of a vicious circle.

Finding a Therapist

The best course of action is to seek out a professional in your locality who offers Trigger Point Therapy.

A Trigger Point therapist is trained in soft tissue therapies. Through experience, he or she will know the cause and source of your pain and will be able to treat it. The number of sessions needed will vary according to your situation.

If the condition or injury is fairly new, it should only take a few sessions to fix the problem. If, however, you have been putting up with the condition for a while, it will take much longer to fix. In this case, you may require weekly sessions at first, followed by monthly appointments.

Don't expect the treatment to be without discomfort. The good news is this is usually brief. As your therapist finds the trigger points, he will apply firm pressure for up to 90 seconds. This will hurt but the relief it brings makes it all worthwhile.

Sports Injuries

As with most alternative therapies, Trigger Point Therapy can be combined with other treatments, including medications. It is up to the individual to decide what works best for them.

Conditions that respond well to Trigger Point Therapy include back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica and joint pain. It is particularly appropriate for anyone suffering from a sports injury. In fact, for the serious sportsman or woman, regular Trigger Point Therapy sessions may even reduce the risk of injury.

Extensive research has been done and most experts agree that Trigger Point Therapy should always be used in treating sports injuries.

If you feel you could benefit from Trigger Point Therapy it is well worth using Bookwell to find a practitioner in your area. After the first consultation, you will have a good idea of what's involved and how it can help you.

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