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Trigger Point Therapy in Adelaide

Who hasn't experienced muscle pain? From a simple sprain to a really bad sports injury, muscle pain can be extremely debilitating. Before you reach for the painkillers who not give Trigger Point Therapy in Adelaide a go?

Muscle pain can be caused by all manner of things, from bad posture and incorrect lifting to whiplash or a fall. The site of the pain is generally the fascia, the thick tissue surrounding our bones and joints.

Cause of the Problem

Healthy fascia is soft and pliable but injury can turn it into a complete mess of hard little knots. Here's where it gets interesting. The bit that's hurting may not be the problem. For example, if you get a really sore neck, the source of the problem might actually be somewhere in your back. A headache may then be caused by the pain in your neck.

These are your trigger points. So the first step in Trigger Point Therapy in Adelaide is confirming the true source of your pain.

Improve Mobility

As with acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy is a form of remedial massage in a way. The treatment not only tackles the cause of the problem but also relieves the symptoms. It is crucial that both aspects are covered.

Clearly, you just want the pain to go away but, if the cause is left untreated, the pain will just keep coming back. Additionally, muscles containing trigger points generally weaken and, over time, this will affect your mobility.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The best trigger point therapy in Adelaide is delivered by fully trained soft tissue therapists. It is important at your first consultation to give the therapist as much information as possible. This will be used to tailor-make your treatment and decide how many sessions you'll need.

As a rule of thumb, the newer the problem, the quicker the fix. If however, you are dealing with a long-term injury you will need more sessions.

If you feel you could benefit from this treatment just search for Trigger Point Therapy in Adelaide here on Bookwell and find a practitioner near you.