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Trigger Point Therapy

Are you a keen sportsman or woman? Do you work in a physical job with lots of lifting? Are you a new mum? These are just three examples of people who would really benefit from Trigger Point Therapy in Brisbane.

This hands-on soft tissue therapy is used to treat a wide range of muscle pain, from a simple sprain to a long-term injury. It all revolves around finding and treating the trigger points, the areas causing the pain. That's easy, you might say. That will be the bit that hurts! Not necessarily so.

Pressure Points

The trigger point may cause the pain but you're more than likely to feel the pain elsewhere. It's all tied in with pressure points, the basis of treatments like reflexology and myotherapy. The therapist needs to treat both the cause and the symptoms.

Trigger Point Therapy in Brisbane has been proven to be highly effective in treating sports injuries. So what about the other potential candidates we mentioned? For someone in a physical job, such as a trade or nursing, lifting can be a big part of the work. You may be trained to lift in a certain way but we're all guilty of taking shortcuts now and then.

Incorrect Lifting

Incorrect lifting is a major cause of muscle pain and trigger point therapy could be the answer. In fact, you may well want to book regular 'maintenance' sessions.

As for our new mum, there are several reasons why she'd benefit from trigger point therapy in Brisbane. For starters, she's been carrying around a baby for nine months, putting loads of pressure on her back, hips, knees and ankles. Then there's the birth itself.

Give it a Try

As she continues to carry bub around, and bub grows into a heavy toddler, that's a whole heap of strain on her back. Trigger Point Therapy could offer some much-needed relief.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, or you are suffering from muscle pain for other reasons, why not give trigger point therapy in Brisbane a go soon?