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Eye Treatments in Brisbane

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so you better keep your curtains looking fresh. We can extend our eyelashes, and pencil in that strong brow but if your under eye area needs a little bit of TLC, you’re letting the entire team down. Bookwell is here to the rescue. We’re here to help you send those eye bags packing with an eye treatment at one of our Brisbane beauty therapists.

Do you have dark circles or puffiness? Try an eye hydrating treatment. Lie back, and relax as your beauty therapist applies this to your eye contour area. This usually includes active ingredients such as peptides, proteins and vitamins. Peptides have hyper hydrating properties, and vitamins help to nourish the skin to reduce the appearance of eye bags. The treatment works hard to stimulate microcirculation and repair inflammatory damage. This can reduce puffiness by breaking down the excess fluid in the under eye area. When you open your eyes, you’ll be amazed at how rested you look.

You can also invest in a good eye cream, which your beauty therapy can recommend to you. They are different from face moisturizers because face moisturizers are used to seal in hydration while under eye cream targets concerns such as dark eye and puffiness. Go for something with retinol, which increases collagen and elastic production to firm the eye area. This can tide your over until your next treatment.

It is important to address other lifestyle stressors that can affect your under eye. Make sure you get enough sleep, as well as drink enough water. Dark circles are often linked to liver dysfunction, so top up on that thistle milk. And when all else fails, book an eye treatment with one of our beauty therapists today.