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Sauna in Brisbane

Isn't it interesting how some health and beauty therapies have continued to be popular for centuries? The sauna was invented in Finland around 7000 BC and is still going strong all over the world.

Whilst we may not be as fanatical as the Fins, plenty of people enjoy a regular sauna in Brisbane. More and more people are realising the many health benefits to be gained from this therapy.

Traditional Sauna

Historically, saunas were made of wood and many still are today. Western Red Cedar is the favourite. Ideally suited to building both saunas and hot tubs, it also gives off a wonderful aroma when heated up.

The traditional way to enjoy a sauna is to light a fire and heat up special volcanic rocks. By pouring water over the rocks, you create steam and can control the temperature. Many places still operate saunas in that way. However, you will also come across electrically heated saunas and Infrared saunas in Brisbane.

Best Detox Ever

The idea is to relax in this blissful heat and work up a good sweat. Then you jump into a cold plunge pool or cold shower. In Finland, they tend to jump in the nearest lake or even roll in the snow!

A sauna in Brisbane is the best way to detox. Sweating opens up your pores and flushes out the toxins. It will also soothe tired muscles and aching joints, boost your circulation and immune system, and even help you lose weight.

Lower Your Stress Levels

A regular sauna is also excellent for anyone suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma or sinus. As a treatment, this has been well documented in medical journals. It has also been proven that taking a sauna can dramatically lower your stress levels.

The best sauna in Brisbane will leave you feeling relaxed, positive and motivated. Your skin will be exceptionally clean and your body's natural healing ability will be kick-started.

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