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Spa in Brisbane

Brisbane perfectly balances city and nature. You can cruise down the river in the morning before brunching on South Bank. In the midst of all those activities, it’s important to give your body a little break. We at Bookwell love a spa bath. There are so many therapeutic benefits packed into this relaxing treatment.

Here are a few spa benefits that you may not know:

It’s good for your blood pressure. - The hot water helps to dilate your blood vessels, improving circulation. This prevents blood from getting forced into your blood vessels, which is good if you suffer from high blood pressure.

It’s also good for your heart. - We’re not saying it’s a substitution but the spa bath is up there with a good diet and exercise. Immersing yourself in water puts pressure on your body. This makes your heart beat a little bit faster, similar to if you were doing cardio. This gives your heart a workout, helping you to stay healthy.

In fact, the spa bath increases your heart rate while lowering your blood pressure. This is great for your cardiovascular health.

It relieves your aching body. - Think of the water jets are your personal masseuse. Put your feet up and let them work on your tired, aching body. The temperature soothes and softens the tightness in your muscles. It also reduces the inflammation in your joints.

In the water, you feel weightless. As a result, your body can feel more flexible, stronger, and with a greater range of motion. This is why spa baths are helpful for those recovering from back or knee problems.

It helps your skin look better. - Your pores open up in the warm spa bath, flushing out any toxins. Your skin will also benefit from the increase blood circulation that delivers yummy nutrients to your cells.

The spa bath is a great way to treat your body right. Make an appointment with one of our spas in Brisbane today.