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False Eyelashes in Brisbane

If you decide to use a professional makeup artist for your wedding they may well suggest using false eyelashes. It's a great idea so be sure to say 'yes'!

False Eyelashes in Brisbane are perfect for the big day. They'll give you the length and volume you want without having to worry about clumps of colour on your lashes. Remember, you could well shed a few tears on such an emotional day and you don't want to end up with streaks down your cheeks or stinging eyes.

Human Hair Transplants

If you think false eyelashes have been around forever you'd be right. They date back to Roman times when long lashes were seen as a sign of being chaste. As you'd expect, today's false eyelashes in Brisbane are much improved.

Over the centuries women have used all kinds of false eyelashes. In the 1800s they glued human hair to their eyelids. Next, the trend was to implant lashes using a needle. We've had false eyelashes made of fabric and animal hair - you name it, we've tried it.

Synthetic Eyelashes

The early false eyelashes were often quite dangerous, causing swelling and infection. You can rest assured that a professional makeup artist will only use the safest and best. We see them every day these days, from the runway to the red carpet. Rumour has it that Madonna paid $10,000 for a pair of diamond and mink false eyelashes.

False eyelashes come in a variety of materials including silk, mink and sable. You can also get synthetic eyelashes. The latter is a very cost-effective option that can look every bit as good as the more expensive brands. Synthetic eyelashes are very durable and perfect for those uncomfortable with using animal hair.

So long as you choose a reputable brand, and the correct glue is used to apply them, you should have no problems with false eyelashes in Brisbane. In fact, they can be a healthier option for your natural lashes than using mascara.