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Face Treatments in Brisbane

Brisbane is packed full of bars, restaurants, cafes and most importantly, beauty salons. And we’ve got the best of the best, offering all the facial treatments you can think of.

If you’re looking for top quality, up to the minute treatments and therapies to plump, de-line and rejuvenate, then we’ve got the salon for you. We have experts trained in delivering cosmetic injectables to give the most natural results. Choose injectable dermal fillers if your cheeks have gone a little hollow or your nose to cheek lines need a bit of a boost. Collagen reduces as we age which causes skin to sag. Most dermal fillers contain collagen, which helps plump these areas up again. A little boost to nature, if you like. The most common area for collagen fillers are the lips. All our therapists will advise you how much is best for you. And of course, there’s Botox too. Botox isn’t a filler, instead it freezes areas of the face, making them appear wrinkle free. Both dermal fillers and Botox anti aging injections are fabulous fixes to turn back the clock to your youth.

If you’re really looking for a facial treatment with fast results, then go for some cosmetic tattooing. Your therapist will expertly apply your lipliner or eyeliner so that you never have to again. Or you could opt for microblading, a permanent fix for eyebrows that need some extra wow. This is a tattooing technique that results in natural looking, hair like lines in the shape and thickness ideal for your face.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing than injectables or tattoos, then look out for microdermabrasion facials or facial peels. Both use special lotions and magic potions to remove the top layers of skin. This reveals the more youthful skin below, leaving you to glow your way through city life.

Whatever you choose, you’ll look and feel amazing. So book in today, you fabulous men and women of Brisbane!