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Male Waxing in Brisbane

Contrary to popular belief, male waxing is no longer reserved for the Olympic swimmers and elite athletes of the world. Sure, it might help you glide through the water faster, but let’s not forget the serious aesthetic appeal of a well-groomed male. And boy, does Brisbane have a lot of them.

If you’ve ever been hesitant to dive into the wonderful world of male waxing, you really needn’t be. It’s all the rage. Here’s everything you need to know about male waxing and more.

Waxing is way better than shaving

Why? Waxing removes the whole hair, right from the root. Shaving simply slices the hair off at skin level, meaning it grows back a whole lot faster. Like seriously, what’s the point. 5 o’clock shadow, we’re looking at you.

Waxing will leave you with hair free skin for around 3 weeks (amazing!), but individual results may vary.

Your waxer will help keep discomfort to a minimum

Male waxing therapists understand that ripping hairs from the skin isn’t a natural sensation for most guys. Which is why they’ll help to keep pain and discomfort to a minimum, using tried and tested techniques and working as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can take a couple of painkillers beforehand to minimise discomfort, but the best trick of all is simply to relax and maintain regular breathing.

If it grows hair, they can wax it

Male waxing therapists have seen it all, and can wax everything from your nostrils to your nether regions. If it's not on the list of available treatments, just ask. No shame.

After-care is important

Remember to moisturise and exfoliate before and between waxes to keep the skin soft, and allow for the new crop of hair to grow back easily, sans ingrowns.

If you’re ready to book your next male waxing appointment in Brisbane, don't delay. Book with Bookwell today.